I had the privilege of working with Chunlei for three years at the Columbia Association, and found her to be one of the most knowledgeable and meticulous people with whom I have ever worked.  Chunlei has a way of identifying the issue and applying her abilities along with the rare attribute of common sense in reaching a solution that not only addresses answering the challenge of today, but more importantly, how those answers could change in the future.

Phil Nelson, Director, WAMPO

Chunlei was instrumental in the implementation of Howard County’s Open Data Portal, which was mandated under County Council Bill 32 to be up and running within a strict timeframe.  She was an excellent project manager and successfully saw the project through to completion. Her expertise in the software application chosen was critical to the project’s success, and she clearly communicated project goals and implementation procedures to all county departments. She was well-organized, set clear timelines, and set up business processes and templates, guiding departments toward successful execution. Chunlei was a pleasure to work with.

Jeff Bronow, Chief of Research, Howard County Government

Chunlei is diligent, organized, and dependable. She is a great person to work with. I would highly recommend her.

Ken M’Bale, Chief Technology Officer, Select Computing Inc.

I have enjoyed working with Chunlei at various levels. She is an exemplary project manager and handled several key projects for our clients. She was able to meet deadlines and complete projects within budget. Her strong technical and managerial skills helped to solve complicated business challenges, lead teams with diversified technical skills, and apply process, tools and methods to run end-to-end software development projects.

Krishna Shetty, Consultant

I had the pleasure of working with Chunlei during our service together for the River Hill High School Parent Teacher Student Association.  Chunlei volunteered her time and leadership for the PTSA. I was very impressed with Chunlei’s ability to quickly redesign the website.  She made it a fantastic tool with many operational advantages and improved communications.  Chunlei is also a wonderful person to work with.  She is fast to respond to phone calls and emails and her communication skills are excellent.  I look forward to working with Chunlei in the future and highly recommend her for any IT work.

Lisa Feinberg, RHHS PTSA President 2012 – 2016